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Not that you need an excuse to ride motorcycles in Norway, but Indian is providing it just the same. It’s time to explore the best part of Norway on an Indian with the first of a series of ‘ride yourself’ tours from Twin Thunder in Lyngdal, Norway.
indian norway tour
The ‘Ultimate Norwegian West Coast Tour’ is an eight day round trip along the west coast of Norway, totalling 2,000 km, with daily distances of to 200km to 500 km and 3.5 to 8 hours of riding per day.
The tour takes you on ten of Norway’s 18 National Scenic Routes and you are welcome to add in extra days if you want to stop and spend time to explore some of the locations.
The riding season is best between now and the end of September.
indian norway tour
Full Route of The Ultimate West Coast Tour
After you pick up your bike (a Roadmaster or Scout) from EagleRider in Lyngdal, run by Magne Ingebretsen, your ride begins immediately on roads that are made for motorcycles, giving amazing views at every turn.
Day 1 Lyngdal to Stavanger
Day 2 Stavanger to Ullensvang
Day 3 Ullensvang to Marifjøra
Day 4 Gaupne to Geiranger
Day 5 Geiranger to Kristiansund
Day 6 Kristiansund to Ålesund
Day 7 Ålesund to Bergen
Day 8 Bergen to Lyngdal
indian motorcycle tour
Magne says: “It’s hard to put in to words, just how incredible this tour is. The elements have greatly shaped the Nordsjøveien, the North Sea Road. Wild and beautiful at the same time, Norwegians like to describe this road trip as a tour through heaven and hell.”
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