ThunderMax iRIDE Active Suspension

You Been Thunderstruck

ThunderMax says the all new iRIDE Intelligent Ride Control system is the most advanced air-assisted suspension on the market for your 2014 and up Touring motorcycle.
thundermax iride
Featuring Patent Pending technology with automatic load leveling, this means no more removing the saddle bag for manual adjustments to your suspension for riding one-up, two-up, or with luggage. The iRIDE system features a touchscreen display and gauge interface allowing full control of your motorcycle’s ride height based on vehicle speed including stopped, city, and highway modes.


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ABOUT ThunderMax®

ThunderMax is a closed-loop system with proprietary AutoTune Technology that utilizes a high resolution Alpha/N-based system and wide-band oxygen sensors in order to provide the most versatile and precision tuning available. The factory ECM is completely and cleanly replaced with the ThunderMax utilizing the original location and connection to the H-D harness. Increased throttle response and "seat of the pants" torque coupled with a smoother, cooler running engine gives the rider utmost satisfaction of performance and rideability.   
Available for 2001 to 2015 Delphi EFI based H-D motorcycles including Throttle-by-Wire models as well as 1997-2001 Magnetti-Marelli based H-D motorcycles.