S&S Cycle Hooligan 2-2 Exhaust Systems

Flat Track Exhausts

The Hooligan 2-2 stainless-steel exhaust systems ($800) from S&S Cycle fit 1991-2020 H-D Sportsters and are tailored for flat-track racing.

S&S Cycle Hooligan 2-2 Exhaust Systems

Wide-band oxygen-sensor ports include adapters for adjusting the powerband of the megaphone-style system. The exhaust mounts up high for plenty of clearance and the end cap is styled after S&S Cycle’s Grand National championship-winning professional systems.

S&S Cycle Hooligan 2-2 Exhaust Systems

S&S Cycle Hooligan 2-2 Exhaust Systems

S&S Cycle Hooligan 2-2 Exhaust Systems

Features & Benefits

• High-mount flat-track racing 2-2 design
• Stainless-steel factory-style finish
• Megaphone construction tailors powerband for flat-track competition
• Requires S&S Race Stealth AC kit for installation (or other high-mount AC kit)
• Rubber-mount isolator kit included for use on 2004-19 models
• Wide-band oxygen sensor ports also include adapters to allow you to run wide-band or narrowband O2 sensors
• Grand National end cap and styling is the same as on S&S Cycle’s championship-winning professional systems
• Crash-tested, Hooligan racer approved!
• Heat-shield number-plate combo available separately

S&S Hooligan Kits

S&S also has Hooligan kits for 2000-16 H-D Sportster models to give you an edge on the competition.

Hooligan kits for 883 models consist of an S&S bolt-in 1200cc Big Bore Kit, S&S 482 bolt-in cams and a set of S&S Premium Hydraulic Tappets. Hooligan kits for 1200 models include an S&S 1250cc Bolt-in Big Bore Kit and the same cams and tappets. They are available with wrinkle black or silver powder-coated cylinders. Here’s a video with a look at the S&S Hooligan kits:

Video | S&S Cycle Hooligan Kits For H-D Sportster Models


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