Sissy Bar Mania

With a name like “Sissy Bar” you’d think these things make a mean appletini but they don’t, no matter how often I ask them to. This is just as well since sissy bar backrests like those from Paughco have been a fixture in the chopper community since the late `60s’ and with current “back to basic” trends they are just what builder are looking for.
paughco sissy bar
From the always popular Capt. America style to your basic short and tall with 40° bend, Paughco offers a Sissy Bar style that’s just right for your Rat Bike or Retro Scooter. Bars shown here are available for a variety of applications including rigid, swing, belt, chain, with or without seat bracket to fit Flat or Fat Bob fenders. Prices for Paughco Sissy Bars start at just $137.95 and can be ordered by calling 775-246-5738 or catch the full line up at

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