Klock Werks Needs Your Help

We Got You, Klock Werks

Klock Werks got hit pretty hard by flooding this week. Few things make a rider’s gut wrench more than seeing custom iron drowning in dirty water and if those beautiful bikes were built with your blood and sweat, you’d feel even worse. Still, Brian Klock and the Klock Werks family have seen adversity before and they’ll come out on top of this disaster just like they have before.

klock werks flooded

Having said that, the motorcycle industry does like to take care of its own, which is why Jeff Zielinski stepped up and created this GoFundMe where we can all kick in to help cover what the insurance companies will not. Brian Klock added, “If we don’t need it someone in Mitchell, SD and the area does and we will help them. Love this industry!”