Ken’s Factory 2-into-1 Dyna Exhaust

Dyna Soar Age

I imagine Ken’s Factory loved the Harley-Davidson Dyna just as much as the rest of us did. Alas, like its FXR cousin before it (and my hairline), the Dyna is no longer in production. What is in production are aftermarket parts for it. So if you have one, you can still get stuff for it. Woohoo!
ken's factory dyna pipe
Manufactured and using the same exhaust flow technology from the world famous tracks of Suzuka, Japan, Ken’s Factory also brings its style in the fine details. Designed to show off the muscle on your Dyna, this 2-into-1 setup is not only show, but is engineered to go. It’s available through Drag Specialties.


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ABOUT Ken's Factory®

The state-of-the-art (keyword “art”) designs at Ken’s Factory offer a fresh perspective on American motorcycle design - designs to fit beautifully on YOUR Harley-Davidson. From the restoration of a classic model to the ground-up construction of a one-off show bike, Ken’s Factory motorcycle parts suit a wide-range of needs for a wide-range of tastes. The focus is in the fine details, and Details Create Style. Run by a Californian native, long time motorcycle enthusiast and talented shop manager - Ken’s Factory USA is the new, dedicated North American sales extension of the renowned international motorcycle designer Ken Nagai. It is the mission of Ken’s Factory is to quickly supply, service and support the brand’s premium products while introducing a new take on customizing Harley-Davidson style motorcycles.