IMS Recruits New Riders with New to 2

Why We Ride

Why did Progressive International Motorcycle Shows (IMS) come up with Because riding bikes is awesome and we all should do it. is an online platform within Discover The Ride dedicated to educating a new generation of riders, offering a comprehensive introduction to motorcycling, breaking down the industry’s high barriers-to-entry through an online platform. You can find a video of Discover The Ride and New To 2 here:

As a new series of online videos now available to consumers, includes live presentations at IMS, educating new riders on the world of motorcycling.

IMS show
A man in his mid-50’s attends Cleveland IMS with his family and has always wanted to ride a motorcycle but certain life events stood in the way of fulfilling that dream. At Discover the Ride he threw a leg over a Yamaha Power-Assist Bicycle for a couple laps, proved to the instructors that he was ready for the next step. He graduated with the group to the speed modified Zero Motorcycles. Round and round he went with a perpetual smile across his face.
Credit: Manny Pandya

The videos and live presentations at the show are hosted by Monique Filips and Jordan Diggs, experienced motorcyclists, as well as surprise guests in certain markets, guiding riders through the different types of motorcycles to choose from, the gear needed, how to get started and tons of advice for the journey into motorcycling.