Corbin’s New 2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR Front Seat

Blazing Saddle

Corbin’s Front seat is designed to provide maximum rider comfort combined with a clean look appropriate to the FXDR. Their sculpted seating position gives maximum body contact and provides touring quality support. The neutralized seat platform offers an easy reach to the ground and a more ergonomic position on the bike.

corbin softail seat
This saddle is built up with Corbin’s exclusive Comfort Cell foam material for a firm supportive bucket that lasts. It’s built nearly twice as firm as the stock foam material so your body doesn’t sink through the foam and create hot spots. The bucket design spreads weight evenly to support your body from the sides and eliminate centralized pressure.

Corbin’s saddle is tastefully designed to fit perfect to the tank and bodywork for a very clean look. Ergonomic shape provides a clean appearance with a flowing line.
corbin softail seat
Moreover, the Comfort Cell padding also breaks in over over the miles to adapt to your body and provide a custom fit to your profile.

Built on their Fibertech base material that provides the structural strength to support the carefully designed foam shape.


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