Corbin Widowmaker Gets Driver Backrest

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You’d think with a name like The Widowmaker this Corbin saddle would have spikes sticking out of it or some such thing; thankfully, they didn’t go that route. This seat was originally designed with a taller and more vertical back support area to hold the rider in position more aggressively.

corbin bagger seat
This is a great setup for hot rodded bikes where a less reclined posture is desired but now the Widowmaker saddle has the option of a removable rider’s backrest. In fact, this seat offers over 15 inches of vertical support with the #02-SB backrest installed.

They’ve taken the concept of the solo design Wall saddle and merged it with their two-up Gambler model to come up with the Widowmaker.
corbin bagger seat
Featuring six inches of vertical back support in the rider’s area that is perfect for hot rodded bikes while keeping a low profile. Perfect when a less reclined posture is desired.

The Widowmaker features a sculpted driver’s position with a clean pillion seating area providing a flawless profile. This saddle disperses rider’s weight ergonomically and gives you lasting support while still providing good ground reach at stop signs. This is an excellent choice for riders that often ride solo or have passengers along for short to medium range trips.
corbin bagger seat
Includes genuine leather seating panels in your choice of colors and styles for a truly distinctive touch. Leather seating is great because it breathes with your body and will conform with the foam shape for a personalized fit.

Passenger seating area is built to keep a slick look, but the use of their high-density Comfort Cell foam still provides comfort and support. Designed to work alone or in conjunction with the Harley-Davidson sissy bar.


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