Corbin Rear Fender Undertail for 2019 Indian FTR 1200

Chasin’ Tail

The Indian FTR 1200 is a great bike and, like us, Corbin really appreciates the flat track vibe it packs. When it came to the stock license plate mounting arrangement, though, Corbin found itself a little less impressed.

corbin indian ftr1200 tail
As you can see, taking a few bits off the back end and converting to a small fender like this one really cleans things up visually.

Constructed of durable ABS, the Corbin undertail kit provides a very clean appearance and tightens things up under the fender. The undertail mounts up without any chassis or bodywork modifications.
corbin indian ftr1200 tail
It comes in a carbon-fiber look to keep the race bike theme. Works with your stock turn signals and license plate light.

The Corbin undertail kit includes a black license plate frame to complete the look. While they wouldn’t go so far as to say that installation is simple, Corbin will say that it is not difficult, although it is a bit time consuming. As mentioned, there is no drilling or modification required, but expect to spend a little time in assembly and disassembly of the rear end. Complete instructions are included.


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