Corbin Indian Scout Bobber Twenty Solo Saddle

Roaring 20s

Corbin, never one to miss an opportunity, just came out with a solo seat for the Indian Scout Bobber Twenty. The vintage-esque saddle mounts directly to the Twenty’s metal base adapter just like the OEM unit. In case you’re wondering, yes, you can mount this seat to your regular Scout Bobber. Provided you pick up the adapter from your local Indian dealer.

Corbin scout 20 solo seat
Corbin’s solo is built up on a Fibertech base to provide a rigid foundation for the carefully designed foam shape. Their exclusive Comfort Cell foam provides a firm, supportive ride for miles of support.

Naturally, the seat has been ergonomically shaped to provide more square inches of body contact.This gives proper weight distribution and eliminates hot spots.
Corbin Scout 20 Solo Seat
Although this seat model appears vintage, the design takes full advantage of Corbin’s five decades of seat building experience.

Installation is simple and Corbin seat bolts to the Aluminum adapter just like the stock unit. This adapter is not include with the saddle.


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