Cardo Systems and Ducati Special Edition PACKTALK Units On Sale

Duc ME? No, Duc YOU

Cardo Systems, Ltd. and Ducati Motor Holdings S.p.A. have announced retail availability of their special edition Ducati Red PACKTALK units. These units, which are available now in Ducati dealerships across North America, are the result of Cardo and Ducati’s ongoing partnership which was announced last fall.

cardo ducati packtalk
“Ducati Red is more than a color – it’s a representation of the lifestyle these riders lead,” said Dan Emodi Cardo’s CMO. “Riders who want the best in helmet communicators, while representing their passion and loyalty Ducati Red, now can do so with the special edition PACKTALK lineup.”

PACKTALK products are powered by Cardo’s ground-breaking Dynamic Mesh Communication™ (DMC) technology, which give riders the ability to enjoy the company of their riding companions by remaining seamlessly connected with up to 15 riders. With Cardo’s natural voice-command, activating the device no longer requires a specific action such as push-to-talk, so riders can keep their hands on the bars at all times. Riders can simply say, “Hey Cardo” with the desired action to the always-on system and it reacts instantaneously.
ducati cardo packtalk
Plus, riders will experience sound by JBL, which delivers a superior audio experience to motorcyclists.

Ducati North America utilized the new communicators as part of its inaugural Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) Enduro program held this Summer in Sundance, Utah. “The Cardo Ducati PACKTALK Bold systems proved to be an incredible tool for our instructors providing clear communication and coaching as we navigated our students through the Utah backcountry,“ said Ducati North America’s CEO, Jason Chinnock, “We are proud to have partnered with Cardo to bring this system to our owners.”
The Ducati Red Cardo Systems PACKTALK units are available now, exclusively through Ducati dealerships across the country and online right here.


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ABOUT Cardo Systems®

In 2003, Cardo was one of the companies creating Bluetooth headpieces for early cellphones. Called Scala, they were special due to their unique wind-suppressing technology. With Scala, users' voice came across crystal-clear and noise-free. Then, one day, riding on a motorcycle to the office, lightning struck.
What happens if the same Bluetooth and wind-suppressing technology is wrapped inside a sturdy waterproof shell and attached to a helmet? Now riders could connect to their music, their phone, and to each other.