Twin Power Drive Chains

Severe and Heavy-Duty Chains

Twin Power releases the 530 Severe-Duty Z-Ring chain and the 530 Heavy-Duty Solid Roller chain.

Twin Power Drive Chains

“We’re excited to add drive chains to the Twin Power line,” said James Simonelli, brand manager for Twin Power. “With today’s emphasis on performance, our 530 Severe-Duty Z- Ring chain fits the bill. It is perfectly suited for hot-rod usage with highly modified engines. For stock replacement on classic V-Twins, we offer our 530 Heavy-Duty Solid Roller chain. Both chains are offered in 120-link cut-to-fit lengths and cover a wide range of applications. making them easy for a dealer to stock. The price point offers great value.”

The 530 Severe-Duty Z-Ring chain provides the ultimate strength for performance applications, with a tensile strength of 11,200 lbs. High-strength alloy steel, seamless bushings and rollers and over-sized four-point riveted pins ensure higher strength and increased breaking resistance. High-quality seal rings protect the internal components and provide a lower rolling resistance than O or X- rings, while special factory injected grease offers protection against stretch. The attractive gold finish compliments any ride and a rivet style master link is included. Retail price is $179.95 (P/N 435236)

The 530 Heavy-Duty Solid Roller chain is the perfect replacement for classic V-Twins, with a tensile strength of 7700 lbs. High-strength alloy steel, seamless bushings and rollers and over-sized four-point riveted pins ensure long life and high strength. A natural finish and clip style master link provide and OEM look and easy installation. Retail price is $39.95 (P/N 435235)

Twin Power products are distributed exclusively in the United States by Tucker Powersports.


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