Theory of a Deadman Joins Snoop Dogg at the Buffalo Chip

Big Bangin’ Theory

A rock, rap and racing extravaganza that’ll raise the dead is headed to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip this August. Theory of a Deadman will perform on the Wolfman Jack Stage on Wednesday, Aug. 7 between the Buffalo Chip Hooligan TT and a performance by the big dog himself, Snoop Dogg. Frenzied fans of hard rock, hip-hop and heart-pounding racing will unify in a head-banging mass of unbridled energy in the Buffalo Chip amphitheater.
2019 buffalo chip theory of a deadman
“Wednesday got out of hand with the addition of Theory to Snoop Dogg and Hooligan Street Bike Racing,” said Daymon Woodruff of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. “But what the hell, why put the brakes on now? Theory is on the top of the charts and the top of their game, and this is the best party anywhere, right?”
The multiplatinum-selling, Canada-based quartet’s mixture of alternative metal, post grunge, and smatterings of country and acoustic have earned Theory ten Top 10 Hits on the US Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, and three No.1 hits. Fans can expect to lose their minds to rockin’ bangers like “Bad Girlfriend,” genre-melding anthems like “Rx (Medicate),” ethereal ballads like “Angel,” and catchy party tunes like “B**** Came Back,” to name a few.


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