Inside the K&N Wrench-Off Oil Filter for Harley-Davidson Bikes

Slick Operator

K&N’s premium line of Wrench-Off oil filters are designed to meet the high performance needs of riders. Some of us like to take a look inside contained canister parts like this just to see what makes them tick. K&N was nice enough to break that down for you with this handy photo.
K&N harley oil filter
1. Sturdy 17mm nut for easy removal and Pre-drilled for safety wire attachment
2. Heavy-duty canister construction provides high burst strength. Available in black and chrome
3. Tension spring
4. Application specific bypass/pressure relief valve
5. Specially designed for use with today’s synthetic & synthetic blended oils, the premium synthetic blend media provides outstanding filtration at high flow rates
6. High-performance anti-drainback/check valve
7. Heady-duty base plate with double rolled seal
8. Pre-lubed base seal
These canister style premium oil filters are designed to handle high oil pressures and they can be used with the latest synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oils. K&N canister oil filters come with a 17mm nut welded to the top that makes removal easy and either a black or chrome finish (where available).


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