Indian Scout Oil Change How to

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The Indian Scout is a terrific mid-size cruiser but just like every other motorcycle in the world it’s only as good as its maintenance.
Indian Scout
Screw off an oil change too long and you may find yourself at the side of the road waiting for pickup to get your bike to the doctor for major surgery.
Personally, I think changing your motorcycle’s oil is something we should all do at home. It’s easy, takes only a couple of simple tools to do, and saves you both money and downtime versus having a pro at a dealership do the job for you. Why pay extra money to have someone else do a job that takes less than a half hour, using tools you should have around the house in the first place?
Follow along as Indian Motorcycle walks us through the process of changing oil on one of their fine Scout models…

Indian also makes a factory oil change kit to make the job even easier for you.
Scout Oil Change Kit
In the Indian Scout kit, you’ll find four quarts of Indian Full Synthetic 15W-60 Motor Oil, one oil filter (PN 2520799), and two washers.


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