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Welcome to the Brave New World of 21st Century Harley-Davidson, Feuling Parts. A magical place, where the Milwaukee-Eight V-twin is the closest thing you’ll see to the old air cooled Big Twins that were the Mo Co’s signature move. Luckily for you, Big Twin parts are one of your signature moves and you’ve kept up with these performance upgrades for that platform…

feuling milwaukee 8 parts
Feuling Oiling Systems for H-D Milwaukee-Eights feature 68% more oil volume to crankshaft and connecting rod bearing over stock, as well as 42% more scavenge volume with port sizing and matched passages and holes to the engine case. You also get 15-25 degree cooler engine temperatures, 15-20 degree cooler oil temperatures, and 30% more PSI of oil pressure.

feuling milwaukee 8 parts
The Milwaukee-Eight Race Series Camchest kit is Feuling’s complete camchest kit that’s available in 405, 465 or 521 camshaft grinds. Kits include all necessary components to do the job right.

feuling milwaukee 8 parts
Feuling Reaper Camshafts have smooth camshaft lobe ramps that are easier on valvetrain components eliminating excessive valvetrain noise and wear. Cams are designed with wide lobe separations producing wide ridable power bands. Available in three cam grinds: 405, 465 and 521.

feuling milwaukee 8 parts
Feuling also makes ARP stainless steel 12 point fastener kits for engines, primary/transmission, and chassis.


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Feuling was known as a skunk works facility specializing in engine design and development working with and licensing technology to the major manufactures such as Ford, General Motors, Harley Davidson, Chrysler, Nissan and Edelbrock to name a few.

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