Engina Scout Cleans House in Europe

Indian’s European Vacation

Last year, Engina had its grand premiere at Glemseck 101 and immediately blew away the competition. Stunt girl and model Mai-Lin Senf rode astride it in the “Clash of Legends” race. Since then Engina has been cleaning up at numerous sprint and design contests and has just achieved a landmark accomplishment – winning at the Custom Show Emirates in Abu Dhabi.

engina custom scout
Photo: Volker Rost

In Germany, it picked up the winning trophy at the Custom Show in Dortmund and won Best Streetbike at the Berliner Motorrad Tage motorcycle show in Berlin. Elsewhere in Europe, the custom masterpiece is also causing quite a stir, winning the prestigious Ferro Dell Anno award at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, Italy, in the Best Professional category.
engina custom scout
Photo: Volker Rost

At the Swiss Custom show in Zürich, Engina secured first prize – giving it a ticket for the internationally acclaimed Custom Show Emirates in Abu Dhabi. On this world stage last weekend, Engina competed in the V2 Custom Class – with a sensational result, taking 2nd place.
engina custom scout
Photo: Volker Rost

Much of the credit for these brilliant results must go to Indian’s beautiful-looking Thunder Stroke 111 engine – this magnificent V-twin is definitely an integral part of the overall artistry. Louis has given this chrome power plant pride of place to – hence the name Engina, which is derived from the word engine. The powerful 1.8-liter V-twin is a stunning combination of the classic Indian look and state-of-the-art technology. The distinctive design with eye-catching pushrod tubes and cylinder head covers with angled fins pays homage to the Indian engines of the 1940s and 1950s and enjoys cult status among the fans.


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