Dunlop Video Salutes The American Worker

Salute to Tire Builders

Dunlop’s latest video pays homage to its tire builders at its Buffalo, New York, plant.

It seems just about everything is uncertain these days, but at Dunlop one thing has remained constant: Our commitment to building tires of the highest quality and performance.

Dunlop’s latest video captures the dedication of the tire builders at our Buffalo, New York, plant. For nearly 100 years, our builders have gotten the job done, through good times and the times that test us all. It is essential work that helps keep America rolling, and our associates take pride in building the most trusted motorcycle tires in America.

With this video, Dunlop salutes the talented and dedicated people in our plant who understand that it’s not just the work we’re doing, but who we are doing it for: Motorcycle riders who expect nothing less than the premium performance and quality Dunlop has delivered for nearly a century.

We’re proud of the American flag that waves above our factory, and we’re rooting for what we know will be another exceptional American comeback.

We Are The American Worker, We are Dunlop Motorcycle Tires.


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Dunlop is the only tire company manufacturing motorcycle tires in North America–and that’s an advantage that directly benefits American riders. Dunlop works diligently to develop tire technology at its manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY. Dunlop also refines new designs at the Dunlop Proving Grounds in Alabama, and gather real-world input from sources as diverse as professional AMA racing, amateur racing events and motorcycle rallies across the country.