Corbin Dual Touring Saddle for New Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout

Breakout Performance

Corbin designed this Dual Touring Saddle especially for the Softail Breakout with that massive tire on the back on the back of the bike.

corbin softail breakout seat
Corbin’s Dual Touring Saddle improves the comfort and feel of your new Harley.

The Dual Touring saddle helps you maximize the long range capabilities of your Breakout with enhanced comfort for two. Its ergonomically shaped seating gives you excellent support for the long haul.
corbin softail breakout seat
As you can see, it’s designed to work with a Corbin backrest in the rider and/or passenger seating positions.

Corbin backrests are supported by internal hardware for a very clean look and simple, one-bolt installation. You can order a single backrest and transfer it front to back as needed or get two for full time use. Backrest angle adjusts to provide a personalized fit to rider posture in both positions. In the front position, special hardware allows positioning of the backrest fore and aft for riders of different stature. This special hardware also features a fold down action to ease mounting the bike. With backrest installed, the rider bucket offers 16 inches of vertical support.
corbin softail breakout seat
Here’s how it measures up.

In the images above, we see Ovalbac backrest model #02-SB that offers excellent contoured support with a clean modern look. This design also provides a convenient hand hold for your passenger or while moving your bike around the garage. You can review all of the backrest models Corbin offers by clicking on the “Accessories” tab on the product page.


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