Corbin Classic Pillions for Indian Scout

Baby Got Backrest

Corbin motorcycle seats make for a happy butt on a long ride; their pillions do the same for lower backs. “An outstanding Classic style Solo seat for the nostalgically styled Indian Scout,” the company says, “of course needs the complementary pillion.”
corbin scout seat
You asked, Corbin listened, and they are proud to introduce said pillion.
corbin scout seat
For your passenger they offer two pillion options that mount up easily to your Indian. The standard pillion keeps a clean, low profile built up with Corbin’s exclusive Comfort Cell foam to provide good mid-range comfort.
corbin scout seat
Corbin’s Touring Pillion is built wider and thicker with a dished seating platform to provide maximum weight distribution and support. Both come upholstered to match your Corbin solo for a totally integrated look. For more information, visit

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