Ciro Snakeyes LED Lighting

I have seen the light

Ciro Snakeyes LED Lighting is the first of its kind lighting system to smooth the transition between the backrest and Tour-Pak. Snakeyes’ custom light housing features bright red run and brake lights as well as amber turn signals. Easy install Snakeyes are affixed with 3M automotive grade adhesive and require no drilling, splicing, or special tools; it’s plug-and-play ready.
ciro LED lights
If you wish to customize your Tour-Pak even more, Snakeyes lenses are easily removable for painting to color match. Two different kit options allow you to purchase with or without the proprietary Ciro controller. Purchase without controller if a Ciro lighting product featuring red run/brake and amber turn signal LEDs is already installed.
Ciro Snakeyes are available in chrome or black for `14 and newer Harley-Davidson Touring models.