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You don’t send a hammer to do a scalpel’s job. The same holds true for wrenching on your bike. I mean, you can use the wrong thing in the wrong place, but that generally only works out if you’re making a YouTube video of messed up garage accidents to the groin or ways to set your garage on fire. For as much as we all love watching the origin story on some idiot’s trip to the ER, having the right tool for the job is generally best for you and your project. Motion Pro makes some of them and here’s a quick sampling of what they offer.

Belt Tension Gauge
Belt Tension Gauge $24.99

This belt tension gauge is of compact design and packs a scale for easy reference. It’s designed to work with all belt drive models with a 10 lb specification. The gauge replaces Harley-Davidson OEM part #40006-85 and Indian OEM #PV-43532. Now comes with a new L-shaped pad that fits all belt sizes.
Gasket Scraper
Gasket Scraper $27.50

The scraper is comprised of an ergonomic billet aluminum handle and a brass blade to safely remove paper gaskets from aluminum engine cases. A steel blade is included for difficult to remove paper gaskets as well. Blades can be sharpened easily and store conveniently in the handle. Its blade is of a narrow slant cut designed specifically for small, thin engine cases. The handle is machined from 6061 aluminum with durable blue anodized finish and laser engraved markings.
36mm Axle Socket for Harley-Davidsons
36mm Axle Socket for Harley-Davidsons $43.99

The socket facilitates loosening and tightening of hard to reach rear axle nuts on Harley-Davidson baggers. It fits 36 mm axle nuts and has a captive swivel extension with ½-inch drive. Rated for up to 175 foot pounds of torque, it has a lifetime limited warranty. It’s also corrosion resistant coated.
Hose Removal Tool
Hose Removal Tool $24.99

Like the name says, this tool facilitates removal of fuel, oil, and cooling system hoses. One end is used to loosen stuck hoses, the other end assists in pulling the hoses off the fittings. The removal tool reduces the possibility of damage to hoses and related components. Lock nuts at the base of each tip allow 360 degree adjustment or removal of one tip, for use in tight spaces. A compact aluminum handle provides solid grip and excellent control.
Mini Bleeder
Mini Bleeder $27.99

The Mini Bleeder combines wrench and bleeder valve into one convenient and compact tool. It bleeds brake systems and hydraulic clutch systems. This tool has an internal check valve for fast easy bleeding and an anodized billet aluminum handle with chromoly steel body. The compact size is good for tight spaces.


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Motion Pro, Inc.designs and manufactures high quality cables, tools and controls for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft. Motion Pro was founded in 1984 by Christopher Carter. A gold-medal winner in the prestigious 6-day ISDT, Carter and his team of engineers developed most of the tools and products that Motion pro offers. Motion Pro products are used and endorsed by champions and professional mechanics worldwide. Motion Pro has its roots in racing and provides support to many professional and amateur riders. Motion Pro also support a wide range of events covering amateur to professional dirt track, off-road, ATV and motocross.