5 Cool Wheels from Rotation Industries

Wheelin’ N’ Dealin’

Few parts of a bike catch eyes faster than custom wheels. Rotation Industries makes more than a few attention-grabbers in that department and here’s a thumbnail sketch of what they offer.

Rotation Javelin Wheel
Javelin Wheel $1,100 (starting)

Just released for 2019, the Javelin is the newest wheel design in Rotation Wheels’ chrome and DarkSide collections. The Javelin’s straight and angled spoked design is modern and classy at the same time. Available in 16- to 30-inch diameters.
Rotation Sparta Wheel
Sparta Wheel $1,100 (starting)

The Rotation Sparta was just released for 2019 in the chrome and DarkSide collections. The Sparta features aggressive 3D styling to set your ride apart from the pack. It’s available in 16-inch to 30-inch sizes.
Rotation Juno Wheel
Juno Wheel $1,100 (starting)

The Rotation Juno wheel provides a curved, modern design. Like Rotation’s other wheels, it’s made in the USA and available in sizes 16- to 30-inch.
Rotation Titan Wheel
Titan Wheel $1,100 (starting)

The Titan wheel is a classic 5-spoke design with modern flare and style. It’s available in 16-inch to 30-inch sizes.
Rotation Delta Wheel
Delta Wheel $1,100 (starting)

The Delta wheel offers a 7-spoke design with machine cuts that travel to the outside edge of the wheel. This gives the look of a larger than life wheel, which appears much larger than its actual size. It’s available in 16-inch to 30-inch sizes.


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